New Series: Design

For the new year, this website will be creating an original array of articles regarding subjects like industrial design, art and propaganda, and architecture; this segment will cover technical and aesthetic details, as well as give historical and sociological context to the subjects of each post. From NASA space shuttles to 1950’s Soviet bus stops, these articles … Continue reading New Series: Design

Coming Attractions

Originally published on The Rationalists ( People often say that a new year is a new beginning, but the shadow of 2016 appears to have been cast directly over a blissfully unaware 2017. The affairs of the year past will have long running consequences that will surely span decades, but 2017 will bear the brunt … Continue reading Coming Attractions

Blind Contemplation

Back in April, the BBC unveiled its ‘Diversity and Inclusion Strategy’, an initiative designed to represent “everyone” and “all the cultures and diverse voices that make the UK what it is.”, according to Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC. The policy came after the BBC was criticised for not doing enough to tackle the issue of diversity within the company; David … Continue reading Blind Contemplation

140 Characters: Uncivil Discourse in the Online Space

Law of Parsimony  noun, Philosophy. 1. A principle according to which an explanation of a thing or event is made with the fewest possible assumptions.   Attempting to compose a political thesis in the amount of space it takes to write this entire sentence is a complete and utter waste of time. And yes, that was the exact number of characters you would be allotted to write up your thoughts and feelings if … Continue reading 140 Characters: Uncivil Discourse in the Online Space

To Preach and to Teach: How Opinion Has Become Fact

In a 2014 survey by the United Kingdom’s National Union of Teachers (NUT), an intriguing piece of information arises from an otherwise uninteresting document. The survey (created and cross-examined by YouGov Plc) asked a small yet representative sample of 826 teachers across England and Wales, by region, to complete a survey regarding their confidence in the, at the … Continue reading To Preach and to Teach: How Opinion Has Become Fact

The Penrose Bigot

The following article is in response to a blog post made on and The Huffington Post. To begin, while the author, Mr Tobias Stone, does bring up some legitimate points about the dangers of extreme populism, as with any political theology, there is a moderate side to populism too. Mr Stone talks of the … Continue reading The Penrose Bigot