The Attestor: My Biggest And Most Ambitious Project To Date

In September 2017, myself and a small team took our previous knowledge of quality journalism and began work on a new project; The Attestor. This wasn’t a small decision for us; to get the site working, updated, and generally off the ground, The Attestor required a good deal of work and dedication. Whatsmore, our team … Continue reading The Attestor: My Biggest And Most Ambitious Project To Date

On Freedom. 

Freedom has its ups & downs. It’s good decades & bad decades. It is what it is, which is to say the best system of governance ever conceived, however; this doesn’t negate the fact that this freedom must be used wisely, lest we forget to avoid becoming the monsters we detest. Our freedom comes at a … Continue reading On Freedom. 

A Revolutionary Idea

Originally published on The Rationalists ( “Revolutionary.” It’s a term thrown around a lot, revolutionary, it simply means “new or innovative, a complete, radical change, or outside of standard practice”; so when someone invents a new type of camera, lightbulb, or phone, and this invention is actually, genuinely new in process, function, and/or result, the product is actually … Continue reading A Revolutionary Idea

140 Characters: Uncivil Discourse in the Online Space

Law of Parsimony  noun, Philosophy. 1. A principle according to which an explanation of a thing or event is made with the fewest possible assumptions.   Attempting to compose a political thesis in the amount of space it takes to write this entire sentence is a complete and utter waste of time. And yes, that was the exact number of characters you would be allotted to write up your thoughts and feelings if … Continue reading 140 Characters: Uncivil Discourse in the Online Space

The Penrose Bigot

The following article is in response to a blog post made on and The Huffington Post. To begin, while the author, Mr Tobias Stone, does bring up some legitimate points about the dangers of extreme populism, as with any political theology, there is a moderate side to populism too. Mr Stone talks of the … Continue reading The Penrose Bigot

HeForShe: When ‘Virtue Signalling’ Goes Too Far

When the United Nations backed ‘HeForShe’ campaign was officially launched on the 20th of September 2014, the movement received large amounts of media coverage, especially due to UN Goodwill Ambassador and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson’s appearance and speech. Now, two years on, HeForShe continues to maintain consistent, positive coverage from a range of media sources … Continue reading HeForShe: When ‘Virtue Signalling’ Goes Too Far