On Freedom. 

Freedom has its ups & downs. It’s good decades & bad decades. It is what it is, which is to say the best system of governance ever conceived, however; this doesn’t negate the fact that this freedom must be used wisely, lest we forget to avoid becoming the monsters we detest. Our freedom comes at a … Continue reading On Freedom. 

A Revolutionary Idea

Originally published on The Rationalists (therationalists.org) “Revolutionary.” It’s a term thrown around a lot, revolutionary, it simply means “new or innovative, a complete, radical change, or outside of standard practice”; so when someone invents a new type of camera, lightbulb, or phone, and this invention is actually, genuinely new in process, function, and/or result, the product is actually … Continue reading A Revolutionary Idea

New Series: Design

For the new year, this website will be creating an original array of articles regarding subjects like industrial design, art and propaganda, and architecture; this segment will cover technical and aesthetic details, as well as give historical and sociological context to the subjects of each post. From NASA space shuttles to 1950’s Soviet bus stops, these articles … Continue reading New Series: Design